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Africa's Finances and Territories

Excellence in African public service through economic intelligence


In a financial and fiscal environment undergoing profound change resulting from Law No. 2019/024 of December 24, 2019 on the General Code of Decentralized Territorial Communities (CGTCD), the strategic management of resources and the transparency of local public action have become two major challenges for decentralized local authorities (CTD) now benefiting from administrative and financial autonomy.


Faced with this new socio-economic, institutional, regulatory and financial paradigm, the firm Africa's Finances and Territories (AFT) supports local authorities and their groups in order to find robust answers to increasingly complex and specific issues in terms of budget optimization, dematerialization or even local taxation.


Our investment in the local world stems from the following observation: there is still a disproportion in financial expertise between the local world and the private world. We want to provide local authorities with the most efficient tools of expertise.


Exclusively dedicated to public action, our consulting firm offers a range of high value-added services based on innovative technologies. AFT combines strategic and operational consulting, training and new technologies (solutions editor).


Africa's Finances and Territories is very proud to take part in the International Fair for Local Elected Officials and CTDs (SIELOC) scheduled from July 5 to 8, 2022 at the National Museum of Cameroon and the Yaoundé City Hall. Conference and round table animation during SIELOC 2022 Presentation on the decentralized local authorities (CTD) of Cameroon during SIELOC 2022

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