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Expertise and trades

The Cabinet Africa's Finances and Territories offers its consulting services à la carte to meet the information and support needs of communities, their groups and their satellites .

Our mission is to detect optimization solutions and mobilize the devices  adapted to your projects.

Financial and strategic engineering

Knowing and understanding your financial situation are the key elements to ensure the financial control of decentralized territorial communities. Financial analysis is a strategic entry point for the efficient management of public policies and public service.

Africa's Finances and Territories accompanies you in all your steps of analysis and financial strategy and helps you to build the tools of a relevant management for your territory.

  • Retrospective financial analysis

  • Business intelligence

  • Prospective financial analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Support for the budget process

  • Resource management and expense optimization

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Local digitalization

The digital transformation questions the relationship of the citizen with his local authority and with the agents who administer it.

Africa's Finances and Territories accompanies you in order to pilot the digital transformation plan in the community and define its roadmap.

Local taxation

Controlling its tax base becomes an imperative so that the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (CTD) can concretely exercise the principle of free administration in application of article 6 of law n ° 2019/024 of December 24, 2019.

Africa's Finances and Territories accompanies you to make the link with the public accountant in order to analyze the tax matrices of the community with the aim of developing a fair and optimal tax policy.

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Budgetary and organizational audit

The implementation of improvement processes is necessary within a decentralized local authority (CTD) and requires budgetary and organizational auditing.

Africa's Finances and Territories advises you in a process of modernizing the community and helps to support the entity in achieving its efficiency objectives for local public action.

  • Financial audit

  • Financial and organizational analysis

  • Change management

  • Mid-term audits and term reports


The intercommunality sees its physiognomy as its ambitions, mutating consecutively to the law n ° 2019/024 of December 24, 2019 relating to the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (CTD). This transformation will accelerate over the next few years, involving both the scope of intermunicipal structures and the powers to be exercised.

In order to meet the challenge of their ambitions, Africa's Finances and Territories supports intermunicipalities and municipalities in their respective relations.


Public services pricing policy

The firm Africa's Finances and Territories offers assistance in the overhaul of tariff policies taking into account different activities of the decentralized territorial community.

Urban Planning & Renewal

The renewal of the city and the improvement of the living environment are essential to ensure the maintenance of the population and businesses within the community and allow the arrival of new inhabitants and the development of economic activity.

Africa's Finances and Territories supports decentralized local authorities (CTD) in all stages of urban planning and renewal




Decentralized local authorities (CTD) are placed at the forefront to ensure citizens a healthy living environment in terms of sanitation, mobility or even digital……

At all stages of the management of these skills, Africa's Finances and Territories supports local authorities in order to offer them expertise and advice in the common interest.

External management

The public services and missions of the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (CTD) are varied. To deal with this range of skills, the local authorities set up related structures that make it possible to isolate a particular mission.

However, these structures must continue to be subject to attention and financial and organizational control by the community.

Africa's Finances and Territories supports you in your financial and institutional relations with your satellites and partners.

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Project funding

The management of a public service, the realization of a public facility, are missions which call for the public actors, the consideration of many indicators to offer in fine a quality service at a lower cost.

The arbitration between doing and having done, between managing or controlling, taken from the angle of the financial or organizational question, is a determining choice for the financing of one's project.

Africa's Finances and Territories acts as a project management assistant for the establishment of a financing contract for a specific project, or to assist local authorities when they participate indirectly in a financing project.

Debt and cash management

  The administrative and financial autonomy instituted by article 8 of law n°2019/024 of December 24, 2019, gives CTDs the right to manage their debt and cash.

Africa's Finances and Territories proposes to ensure this mission around the following axes:

  • definition of a debt-deleveraging strategy

  • general assistance during bank consultations

  • monitoring and analysis of the banking market

  • assistance from the community for the realization of a cash flow plan

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