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Training offer

All the consultants of Cabinet Africa's Finances and Territories are also trainers in local finances according to the list below.

Aware of the diversity of issues and needs, our firm offers three videoconference training formats   and on site:

  • A la carte training

  • Dedicated training

  • Tailor-made training

Financial-fiscal strategy
& Standby

Retrospective & prospective financial analyzes

Legislative and regulatory developments, simulations of financial issues

Support for the budget process

Resource management and expense optimization

Audit & Mandate reports

Relationship with private partners

Assembly of public service contracts and support structures

Getting to know your dealers better: the financing and profitability constraints of a private partner

aménagement 2.jpg

Territory Development

Optimizing the financing of a development operation

Do it or have it done: choose the right way to carry out the development operation

Public policy management

Choose the management method best suited to your public service

Mobilities: a new dynamism in contractual financial engineering for transport

Water and sanitation: the underpinnings of competence

Waste disposal: what technical, legal and financial issues

Associations and their relations with communities

financement de projet.jpg

Project funding

Debt and cash management

Search for external and international funding


Intermunicipal issues and transfer of charges

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